• Catch me if you can •

Cath me if you can

Hey folks, today i want to say something thats in my mind since a few days. We really give our best to do good blog posts. Everybody has different taste of how their avatars have to look like! I saw a lot of really weird comments here the last days! If you don’t like posts or outfits on the post just ignore them. It’s really mean to leave bad comments here. Blogging is an experience, a thing we love to do, it’s passion! We are creating outfits we like to share with you. Not everybody has to look the same like we do! So thanks to all the peeps that appreciate our blog posts and when somebody doesn’t like them it’s okay! But you all should be respectful…

My outfit:

hair= [LeLutka]-JADA hair/Naturals

skin= Essences Wednesday II – Brown Sugar

lashes= Angel Rock Fluffy J-Curl lashes

ears= [MANDALA]Stretched EARS-OMIMI-

piercing= Munique. Bull Piercing

lipstick= Izzie’s – Dailyn Lipgloss

teeth= [PXL] OpenMouth PRO v1.3.1

shirt= Munique. Nudy Top  NEW!

collar= (r)M~Posture Collar ~ No.06 (Mesh)

Greetz, Lonly ❤

8 thoughts on “• Catch me if you can •

  1. I love BolloBlog just because you are so different to my avatar (very old and comum shape 0_- ) and even than the looks are coolest and criative and show to us new fashion and much more, well I mean you’ re rock always, just ignore nosense and disrespectful people.

  2. I love everyone’s blogs. I get to see new things even if I don’t like all styles, there are parts of each posts I like and can use in things I wear. It’s a great blog!

  3. I totaly agree with ya guys..everyone have a another taste….thanks God 🙂
    ich sag nur : Ein Kluger bemerkt alles – ein Dummer macht über alles eine Bemerkung. ^^

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