° anything could happen °

sing and dance :)

Here we go:

Skin= {alterego} typha skin – pale – smoke

Gloss= [PF] Elly <Milk> Doll Gloss (Orange)

Hair= >TRUTH< Uma w/Roots – espresso

Shirt= erratic / cory – oversized sweater / plain grey             collabor88

Rings/Necklace= .::YoPulga::. Black Mustache  Jewellery Set

Tattoo= . Sweet Sin . Bless 3

Choker/Belt= ~Pepper~ Clasp Belt, Choker    RELEASE SOON

Pants= Emery – Black Jeans

Ring= !Admiral Spicy! Broche Ring

Holster= !Admiral Spicy! Gun Holster

Glasses= !Admiral Spicy! I ❤ Nerd Glasses (Texture Change)

Bracelets= [EY:NO] Watch & Leaf-Bracelets (silver) no leafes        NEww

Ciggy= FNKY! Cigarette II

Piercing= [EY:NO] Dramatic Piercing (gold)

Shoes= ..:Perle Mesh Flat Ankle Boots           NEww <33

❤ Danni ❤

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