.cocoon. club & lounge is moved – tonight we start a big event with nice prizes!

First of all… We moved on mature Land            OUR NEW LM! < Klick here!

Tonight at 11 SLT we will start a big El- Arenal Event and you have the chance to get a nice Land with 1 Month Tier-Free sponsored bei BDK Estates…  DJane Vivian & DJ Unperfect on Air!

Here the Rules:

– Get a great El Arenal (Ballermann 6) Outfit

– Register till 12 AM SLT (noon) (21 Uhr )  by a .cocoon manager and stay

– We will choose the Jury ( 3 People) via rdm lottery

– Have a nice Party with us ( Attention – much german Partymusik! :D) ” Das sind nicht 20 cm *sing*

– The Jury will give 1-10 Points to every participant during the event

– The Winner get a 4096 sqm land for 1 month free . We will also blog your look here on Bolloblog.

– 2nd Winner get a 2048 sqm land for 1 month free.

– We will determine the winner about  2:30 pm SLT  (23:30 Uhr)

Hope to see ya there!

Kisses ♥ Vivian


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